Jeff MoyesPortfolio

3D Animation

I've been in love with computer generated imagery ever since I first saw it start to show up in movies back in the early 80's. I think the stained glass window knight in Young Sherlock Holmes is what really made me fall in love with this field.

As a teenager I worked for what was then ViewPoint Animation Engineering, when it first started out in Orem Utah, helping to digitize cars to produce super accurate computer models.

I love 'still life' art as well as animation, and I've made both.

Projects I've Done

House Walk Through (work in progress):

For this:

  • I used some 3rd party images as textures, but everything else is mine. I modelled everything from basic primitives.

Valentines Day Card

I made both of these images to use in a Valentine's day card for my wonderful wife.

For this project I:

  • Did all the 3D work using Blender.
  • Produced the Sweetheart's (Jeff's Hearts) box texture using Inkscape.

Provo Tabernacle (work in progress):

This is a project I've worked on slowly over a long time. It's a model of the Provo Tabernacle, a historic building a few cities away from where I live.

I still have some more modeling to do, texturing, lighting, etc and maybe an animation to make.