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About Me

I'm a tech geek who loves to create things, whether that be in code, in 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality, or in the real world (as a Maker)

I'm always learning so that I can stay abreast of changes in the tech world (and help to create the next wave of innovation).

Programming I've Done

Company: SelfMovieCleaner Chrome Extension

MovieCleaner is an extension for the Chrome browser that reads the closed captioning file of movies on Netflix and Amazon and mutes out bad language as determined by the user

For Moviecleaner:

  • Determed how to integrate with Netflix and Amazon
  • Wrote all the code
  • Upgraded technologies over time (switched from original Javascript to ES2015 and am now in the process of moving to ES6)

Company: FamilySearchTree App

I worked on both of the subteams for Tree App for for a combined year+. The existing tree code had been written using different languages and tech stacks over a number of years (JSP, Google Gadgets, etc.). We worked on rewriting and updating the tree using AngularJS + Frontier

For the Tree App:

  • I replaced existing code with AngularJS + Frontier code, adding many features along the way
  • I developed portions of the new theming system
  • I implemented portions of the notification system used to show various pieces of information on individuals within the tree display

Company: FamilySearchAuth App

I was on the Auth team for about 9 months during which time, I helped migrate as much of the Authorization/Login code as we were permitted to Frontier. I also wrote most of the intitial front end code for the Helper feature, which allows a user (with the permission and 'helper pin' of a second user) to log in in a proxy role for the second user and do things for them on family search

For the Auth App:

  • I modified the existing page. The page was written in JSP and due to various security and same-physical-server concerns it was decided the actual form on the log in page needed to be kept as the JSP but the rest of the page (and other related pages) could be rewritten as a Frontier App. I got to do the rewrite as well as rework portions of the JSP to make the two work together
  • I developed much of the initial UI for the helper feature as well as doing a lot of co-ordination between various backend groups who we needed to help make the magic happen.

Company: FamilySearchSearch App

I worked on the team for the Search App for over a year. We were the first team to implement what was then FamilySearch's new "Frontier" stack, a Node.js-based stack deployed on Heroku. As this was the beginning of 2012, much of today's Node.js ecosystem didn't exist and so Frontier was really pioneering work.

For the Search App:

  • I created the front end code for many of the varied search forms. These were symantically correct, ARIA-enabled forms, which used ExpressJS at a most basic level, but then included "Frontier"-specific components, I18n, asset resolution, etc.

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